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Sydney Tree Felling offer a wide range of arboricultural, tree and woodland services to private, domestic, corporate and utility clients.

Sydney Tree Felling has the proper equipment and training to do the job safely and quickly while causing the least amount of disruption for our clients.

No-one works with Sydney Tree Felling unless they hold relevant qualifications and expertise. In addition to this, Sydney Tree Felling complies fully with current safety regulations when using machinery, climbing trees, controlling traffic and protecting staff and the public. We carry public and employers’ liability insurance.

Sydney Tree Felling uses only environmentally friendly products and work practices wherever possible. Recycling of green waste is a priority and all our arising is used accordingly.
Sydney Tree Felling never to carry out injurious or unnecessary work, believing trees should be retained whenever practical. Being acutely aware of the broader aspects of environmental management, the protection of the natural habitat of birds and mammals is an essential consideration during our work.

The most obvious sign that you need our tree services is when a tree has toppled or a branch has fallen. Less obvious are the species of trees that need regular pruning for optimal health or more bountiful crops.

Sydney Tree Felling can help you with a full menu of tree services including:
– Tree Removal
– Branch Removal
– Tree Pruning
– Tree Trimming
– Decorative Pruning
– Fruit Tree Pruning
– Structural Pruning
– Underbrush Removal
– Rose and Vine Pruning
– Top Trimming
– Crown Renewal and Trimming
– Deadwood Removal
– Stump Removal
– Stump Grinding
– Land Clearing
– Site Preparation
– Weeding
– Mulching
– Gardening
– Landscaping
– Gutter Cleaning
– Rubbish Removal
– Emergency Tree Services

Sydney Tree Felling offer customers a reasonable priced, expert quality tree trimming and tree removal services to Sydney Metropolitan area residents.

For a prompt, reliable service from a business with an excellent reputation within the industry, please send us an email or call us on 0415 33 50 30 to meet your entire tree services requirements.