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Tree Pruning and Tree Trimming

Tree trimming and Tree Pruning services

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Tree Trimming Services

Trees need to be trimmed from time to time, not only to keep a pleasant appearance but also to maintain or improve their health. There are other additional reasons for a tree to be trimmed, in cases when it interferes with the well-being, integrity and accessibility of your property, structures and goods on your property. Tree trimming and Tree Pruning services come to answer this need of keeping our trees in good health and shape, without being a hindrance on our property.

How to Know You Need Tree Trimming Services:

Your trees have been growing without much interference on your part for years, so how do you know when you need help for your trees? Your trees will often give you clues that it’s time for a trim.

Contact us when you notice any of the following symptoms:
– Falling branches
– Excessive growth threatening fences, roofs, power lines, or other structures
– Decay on branches or trunks
– Unhealthy leaves that fall prematurely
– Cracks or splits
– Uprooting
– Fungus
– Termite activity

Tree Pruning Services

Sometimes your trees don’t grow as sturdy or tall or with an impressive crown as you expected. You know the benefits of trimming now and you take care of your trees but they can’t look exactly as you pictured they would. That is because while trimming does greatly help the trees, it is too late for a mature tree to be remodeled.

If you want your tree to grow in the desired shape, taller and stronger, then you need tree pruning services. Tree pruning services are similar to tree trimming services except they are applied to young trees when they can still be helped to grow in the shape we want them to.

25% Off Tree Trimming and Tree Pruning Services Sydney

Though greatly beneficial to trees, tree trimming and especially tree pruning can be harmful if attempted by someone lacking proper knowledge or experience in this services. It is better if you let the professionals take care of your trees, so you can enjoy them in their full glory for a long time.

Sydney Tree Felling’s team is formed by tree trimming professionals who follow the industry’s highest standards and ensure the integrity of all trees that they trim. We do not “spike” the trees under our care but rather climb your tree using rope climbing techniques or trim the tree from a bucket truck. We care about trees and don’t want to harm them in any way during the trimming or pruning processes.

We also understand what trees need and use appropriate pruning techniques, giving your tree the right amount of trimming for optimal health without adversely stunting its growth or causing harm.

Our staff will respect your property, taking care not to damage other landscaping, your home or other structures in the process of trimming back branches from your trees. After our trimming and removal job is complete, we clean up the area thoroughly. We also have a special offer of 25% off for our already affordable tree trimming and pruning services that will make it extremely easy and convenient for you to have great looking trees all around your property.

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